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A message from our founder, Raymond Mullaney:

“We can’t tell you what prices will be! We don’t even estimate future prices; that’s a fool’s game. What our system does is objectively measure risk. It’s a great warning system, like a fire alarm. My 40+ years of investing experience has taught me, if you invest when risks are high, you will pay a steep price. Why not be patient and wait to invest when the risks are low? You have nothing to lose by waiting, your money will be safer, and you may make a lot more on your investments as well, just by being patient and waiting.”

The chart to the right is our proprietary Market Risk Rating indicator. Our rating system is a quantitative analysis of the risk level of the overall stock market. Our risk analysis is based on six proprietary financial risk metrics of the largest 500 US public companies. Our assessment of the market’s risk level is based on the aggregate financial condition of the 500 largest companies. The more stocks that have low risk ratings, the lower our estimate of the market’s risk. Conversely, when fewer stocks have low risk ratings, we estimate the market’s risk level to be high.

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